Laborer in the Middle East.

Thank you for visiting my site to learn more about how the Lord has led me to share His story with the Muslim people of the Middle East. You'll find updates, prayer requests, pictures, giving and contact info here. I pray you are encouraged and blessed through reading this site!

A Neat New Way to Partner!

I have a neat new way to be apart!
If you’re a Kroger shopper, you can sign up your Kroger Plus Rewards card into a free program that will help me in my work! I am registered as a nonprofit through Kroger, and Kroger quarterly donates to registered nonprofits.

To help, you simply register your Kroger Plus Card here. After registering your account, scroll to Community Rewards and clickEnroll. Enter the ID number 82244 which should bring up Calvary Bible Church. Select this and you should be all set!
Kroger will tally the amount you spend every quarter at Kroger and donate a percentage of the amount toward my work. (They do not detract any money or points from your account.)
A local church, Calvary Bible Church, will be collecting the funds and forwarding them on to me while I’m overseas. Please let me know if you are interested in signing up for this so I can alert the church of your name and they can properly appropriate what you’ve earned.

Thanks for all the ways you’ve chosen to be a part!

In the meantime.

Hello friends. I wanted to share with those of you financially contributing, a little note about what happens with the funds I’ve been receiving the last few months. Right now the funds I receive have been paying rent for my apartment overseas, used to purchase necessary items (bed, stove, etc.), and saved  to be utilized when I arrive. I currently…

North Africa Glances.


This was my team in the airport, at one of our layovers, right before North Africa!

I wanted to take a minute to share with you all how impactful North Africa was in my life and the lives of Muslim women. Thank you so much for your assistance getting there! I was able to meet many young women and share with them the Truth and Good News.  Here is a little picture-story telling to give glimpses of my time!



North Africa. (photo taken in the Sahara)

IMG_1696 copy

This was our view as we walked to the ancient market to gather food each day. We prepared meals together daily as a team, so each day the person selecting the menu would write out little lists of food items for each team member pick up. It was a great place to meet locals and practice the little Arabic we learned! The ancient market is called “The Medina” and the hill this picture was taken on was actually rather large and steep so we called this hill “Mt. Medina”.

IMG_1768 copy

Olives were served with…everything! (I hope I never see another olive again.)

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This was our view from the top of our roof. At night I would go out and talk with our Creator and watch the neighbors.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

This is a typical roof in North Africa. Usually lots of laundry drying and a few chairs, maybe a table.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

This captures a bit of the style of the buildings, people and vehicles in North Africa. I took this on my way back from the market (Medina). I was not able to bring a camera, so I’ve no pictures, but in the evenings some of my friends and I would go down to an orphanage to bottle feed the infants.


I had the awesome opportunity to share the Truth with a large group of Muslim girls my very first weekend in north Africa. Here, a friend and I were fed a feast and decorated with Henna and the customary Hijab (Musim head scarf)- I didn’t put one on.


The friends prepared a traditional North African Ramadan feast for us! I had no idea they were going to go so all out! It was amazing! The girls worked all day to prepare it! And, in typical Arab fashion, my friend was almost an hour and a half late to pick me up!


This is a picture of most of the girls from that first weekend. It was an unbelievable opportunity to share with them! I am still in contact with 2 of these girls.


The Call to Prayer was being played out while this picture was captured by a friend. The Call to Prayer is never pleasant in any city, but I found it particularly unsettling in this town. The entire city seemed to reverberate in calamity when the call would ring out. Several friends and I would go to the rooftops and sing and speak to our Father right before, during, and after the call.


These were the two girls from that first weekend, which I’m still in contact with. Out of my entire time overseas, they’re who my heart is most deeply burdened for. This is Siham and Fatima. Please bring them before our Father! We had the opportunity to have absolutely amazing conversations with them! Before leaving, we connected them with people who are now continuing to share the good news with them!


Rachael was often my outreach buddy. We found we made a pretty complementary team! Here, we are dressed in the customary wedding garb (The old North African ladies were always trying to marry us off!)


The Arab ladies would NEVER let us get away with out a mini-feast. I was miserably stuffed in this picture but the lady in the middle would not stop feeding us- she literally held food up to my lips til I would eat it… I tried everything- finishing my plate, not finishing it- she would not stop. 🙂


This lovely friend, on the very left, I met in a taxi. I thought it would be a one time conversation but I ended up meeting with this particular young lady quite often in the span of 2 weeks. She was very interested in what we had to share and we were able to have multiple extensive conversations. We also connected her with several people who are continuing to share the good news, and I remain connected via social media.


We sort of just “clicked”.


This is my team showering her with some love.


This is me and a new friend in front of Africa’s largest Mosque, and the worlds 7th largest.


I was able to visit this girl’s home and it was a bit hard on the heart. Her family was very broken and much of what this friend shared was difficult to hear. She displayed much fear and timidity, yet was beginning the steps down a long and difficult path. She is my age, though she seems much younger at heart. Her name is Zeenib and I would love if you would add her to your lists as well! I am still in contact with her.

IMG_1730 copy

Here, is a glimpse into a typical day. Each day, we come before the Father and sing and speak with Him. Here, my friends are singing His Word.


Our last week, we spent in the Sahara Desert!


I’m on a camel!

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Yay! This was a personal favorite! I absolutely love deserts. I wish I understood better, myself!


Do you see the dark background? That’s another country and my, did it look lovely!


Yeehaw! just kidding.


Big Drama.


This was me near the fire, inside our camp. At this location, many of us got to share with the native mountain people about the Son. These people had never even heard His name! It was a joy to finally share the truth of their existence with these people! Also, it was a VERY cold night! They don’t kid when they say the desert is freezing at night!

Thank you! These young women are hearing the Truth of the Good News still today because of all your help! I’m so thankful for all your care!

Not where the Ebola Lies.

So it’s time I share where I am going. 🙂 Starting the first week of December, I will be headed overseas  to minister to Arabs in North Africa! I will be in a few different cities during my 3 months there. Due to the Islamic culture, I will be focused on ministering to women. My team and I, are praying…

Ventures and Communing


trekking unforeseen territory


Surely Thy goodness and mercy endureth forever.


North Africa Bound! These are my outreach team members posed in front of Pikes Peak.


This is a dear little groupie of the ACTS students. These are the people who provoke me to know Him.


Just me in front of Pike’s Peak. Yay for Autumn in Colorado!


Team North Africa: Me, Amanda, Jo, Jeremy, Rachel, Leah, and Rebecca


Pike’s Peak. Even more majestic in real life.


They say you can see Kansas.


We basically all agreed that it had suddenly become December atop that mountain, or perhaps we’d mistakenly entered Narnia.

Words, words, words.


We decided to climb a little bit higher. It was #worthit.

group mt herm

This is a picture from the end of September when our group hiked the local Mt. Herman. Great time, beautiful view and a few scars to prove it. Some of us girls: Rachel, Rebecca, Me, Kristie, Jess, Eva.

mt. herman group

The group of us atop Mt. Herman after some serious consideration of the Worth of Jesus, our commitment to a Slain Lamb, and those gone before us.

A little contemplation and a view od Colorado Springs. Caught mid thought/bite. Loved that little cove.



I hope this letter finds you well. I am on the beginnings of a new path, one which I believe I’ve been led onto by the Lord. I wanted to write to update you on what’s happening in my life, share a way the Lord has been working, and invite you to be a journey-partner of mine. While in college,…